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Our Ultra Pure Water. Your Label.

With our custom labeling service, you can turn your favorite Le Bleu Water bottle into a handheld billboard!

We are the largest custom label water provider in North Carolina.

By customizing our Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water bottles with your company or event logo and story, you have a unique opportunity to advertise and raise the visibility of your brand. We make it easy to order, and our experienced graphic design department can work with you to provide a high-quality label design to maximize your promotional needs.

Let's Break it Down

  • Le Bleu is synonymous with quality Ultra Pure Bottled Water.
  • Distilled pure, contains no chemicals, salt, inorganic minerals or chemicals.
  • Our bottles are PETE plastic, BPA-free to ensure no chemical leaching.
  • Full color, photo quality, adhesive, laminated labels that can be submerged in ice.
  • Professionally designed for only $95.
  • Durable, 26 gram bottle that easily vends.
  • Le Bleu is a local North Carolina Company.

Why Choose Le Bleu

Le Bleu’s award-winning, Ultra Pure Water is the result of our “five steps beyond Mother Nature” process, which eliminates the inorganic minerals, chemicals, and contaminants that may be found in other water. This process creates uniquely pure water, free of contaminants, perfectly balanced and fresh tasting.

Recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide, Le Bleu has the ULTIMATE purification process, including Fractional Vapor Compression Distillation, to ensure consistent taste and purity.  No gimmicks and no inorganic additives, only 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen – PURE WATER!

Compare Le Bleu’s taste and purity with any bottled water and you make the choice.